Dead to the world by Charlaine Harris (Southern Vampires 4)

Sookies luck turns from bad to worse, Bill the computer geek vampire goes to Peru for research when Eric turns up naked with no memory of who he is. Witches have attacked Bon Temps and one of them have cursed Eric. Sookie is hired to house Eric while a way to fight back is found. A Witch Coven has taken up residence in the next big town. No-memories Eric and Sookie eventually begin a sexual relationship, Eric falls in love, he even offer to leave his life as a Sheriff and come and live with Sookie.

A sub plot is about the disappearance of Jason, Sookies brother. It introduces a nearby inbreed village of conflicted werepanthers.

The climax of the story is the combined shifter and vampire attack on the werewolf and vampire blood boosted coven. The witches are defeated. The lead witch is forced to reverse the curse on Eric before being put down. Eric forgets everything that has transpired during the curse.

At the end of the book, Jason is rescued from his were-panther captors, but not before being bitten.

A real Fairy, Claudine is introduced in this book. Here she saves Sookie when she falls asleep behind the wheel.