Defiant by Mike Shepherd (Kris Longknife 3)

Kris gets her first command PF-109 one out of 12 fast patrol boats commanded by other Navy misfits. She and Nelly prove that they can take out a Battleship when used right when she is arrested for misappropriation of government funds on her mission to Olympia. Her father’s party lost a vote of Confidence in the Parliament and the interim government haste to make clean house in the military while promoting anything that can embarrass the old government. King Ray sends her to hold an old friends hand while she dies. Kris dance nude on the beach and free some hostages before returning home where her accuser has been shredded to pieces by her friends from Olympia.

They can all relax and celebrate the marriage between Tom and Penny. Almost on cue 6 battleships of unknown origin arrive, demanding surrender. Since the new government sent the whole fleet away there is only Kris and her motley crew to defend them all.

Kris discovers what sacrifices are when people all over volunteer to fight.

One very good Longknife book.