Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris (Southern Vampires 6)

Sookie has a date with Quinn, the weretiger from the last book. When they are attacked by two werewolfs who Quinn makes short works of. Sookie are not sure they where trying to kill him or her?

But ´Sookie soon has more pressing problems. Her Cousin Hadley, a vampire has been murdered and Sookie has inherited her apartment. So Sookie has to go off to pre-hurricane New Orleans to solve the murder mystery. You doesn’t say no when a demon tells you to go.

It is tricky business, New Orleans being the home of the dead, there is a witch that lives downstairs and Hadley’s lover was Sophie-Ann Leclerq, the Queen of Louisiana, an omnisexual vampire, whose political marriage to the King of Arkansas occurred the night before Hadley’s demise.

I especially like Amelia Broadway a cool young witch and Hadleys landlady. She and sookie are soon up to their necks in magical troubles starting with the newly made vampire in closet.

Eric and Bill comes and visit Sookie. Bill reveal that he came to Bon Temps on the orders of the Queen after Hadly told her of Sookies telepathicpowers, to get her services for the Queen, seducing her if necessary.  Sookie is heartbroken and furious so she sends Bill away.

The end is action packed with some were-related kidnappings, Quinn and Sookie together and a great Ball at the Castle …