Deserter by Mike Shepherd (Kris Longknife 2)

In Deserter Kris personal computer: Nelly really comes out of the box. Kris friend Tom takes off on leave with Penny (his former interrogator. See Mutineer). They head for an archaeological dig when Tom is somehow waylaid. Kris comes to the rescue.

Introducing Abby, Kris mysterious maid. Hired by her mother so at first Kris resist her, but she has an uncanny ability to produce what Kris needs from her luggage. There is much going on there.

Also introducing Jack, Kris new handsome bodyguard.

Kris and Company rushes of to Turantic, a planet boiling a stew that threatens to change the map in humanity’s part of the galaxy for the next century or so. And of course Kris does the damn Longknife thing and havoc commence.

Hank the handsome Peterwalder are there, so are also ghosts from Kris past.

There is lots of spiffy tech here: Nano spies, three artifacts and true Booby traps (Kris gets a temporary boob job or 2).

Really entertaining, fast action, mystery and a lot of sass. If you like military scifi with more than testosterone this is a good read.

Mike Sheperd is a pseudonym for Mike Moscoe.