Diving into the Wreck by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

This story is written entirely in first person. The female protagonist are called the Boss by everyone. She is a loner, preferring her privacy above everything else. Kristine gives her some of the old man and the sea kind of vibe.

When she was a little kid, she lost her mother and her father stopped talking to her. Now she travels around the sector searching out old ships and dive in them. Her main interest  is historian but she also makes money on tourist adventure dives.

While traveling in her small one person spaceship, she comes on a strange energy disturbance and what she finds is beyond anything she could have expected. She have found a Destiny Vessel, once built on earth itself some five thousand years ago when there wasn’t any faster than light engines. No such vessel should have been able to go this far, not even in five thousand years.

After researching the Destiny Vessels and hiring a crew she returns to the Destiny. It’s interesting how well the the author describes the diving operation. The operation comes to an halt when one of the divers get caught in a strange field and dies. One of the divers steal a skip and reported the derelict to the Empires  Military. Suspecting that the Destiny Vessel was equipped with lost stealth technology the military took over the site and closed it off from civilians.

Next she is hired by Rita Trekov the daughter of a war hero that never showed up for the peace ceremony. She wants her to get him out of the Chamber of Lost Souls. This wakes memories of her own mother being lost there. So she researches him. She also goes back and see her dad. They both have issues. Rita and her father follow the team she assembles back to the old station the chamberis at. Thats when the secrets begin to come out.

The world building is better than average, the characters are vivid and the story is catching. The end build up for a sequel I would definitly buy. I have to check up other books by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

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