Echoes of Honor by David Weber (Honor Harrington 8)

I have a lovely stay in London with lots of walking. So I took this afternoon to finish Echoes of Honor.

Last time we left Honor Harrington on a Peep prisoner planet with 2 assault shuttles and the Peeps thinking she died when the State Security ship that brought them there exploded.

Honors friends are devastated when the Peoples Republic of Haven releases a video of her death.The Manticorians and especially the Graysons are infuriated. But the war isn’t going so well for the Alliance. Manticorian politics bog down the war effort, but the ‘backwards’ Graysons excel.

The Peeps launch a counteroffensive into the heartland of the Alliance. The objective is none other than Basilisk, one step from Manticore!

While this happens Honor and her team make contact with the inmates of Hades. They have to invade the Island of Styx first to get control of the defence system controlling the space around Hades. Then they have to obtain transport home.

As always David Weber’s personifications are superb as a wide array of people come alive personally, politically and military.