Elven Star by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman (Death Gate 2)

The universe in M&T’s feels halfway between fantasy and science fiction in the respect that it takes place in our Earth’s future. After a terrible war, man mutates into dwarfs, elves, Sartan and Patryn and rediscover magic.

Sartans and Patryns acquire almost godlike abilities and come to dominate the lesser races, the mensch. Their differences threatens to throw them into a terrible war with each other. As a last resort the Sartans sunder the world and throws the Patryns into the Labyrinth and create one world for each element Air, Fire, Earth and Water. They transported the surviving mensch to the new worlds and then they mysteriously disappears leaving fantastic machinery and forgotten cities behind.

Now the Paityn gather their forces outside the labyrinth under the rule of the Lord of the Nexus, the first Paityn to leave the Labyrinth. The Lord of the Nexus sends Haplo out as a scout to first the world of Air, and now to the world of Fire: Equilan.

The main protagonists in this books are beside Haplo and his dog:

  • Calandra Quindiniar – an elven merchant matriarch (a young one)
  • Alaetha Quindinar – a promiscuous younger sister
  • Paithan Quindinar – a wide traveled younger brother.
  • Lenthan Quindinar – their crazy father
  • Zifnab – a mysterious human wizard who goes around making quint references to our modern world.
  • Drugan (Blackbeard) – a dwarf

Now their whole world are trearened by Tytans. Gigantic humanoids that kills all in their way after asking  “Where are the Citadel?”.

I wonder if this is some kind of virtual reality or a gigantic spaceship? These are just a few ideas that have been inspired by these.