Eureka 4.02 – A New World

So they returned from 1947 to a changed Eureka and they brought Dr Grant with them. It is not the first time they used time travel in Eureka, Henrik used it to try to save his dead fiancée and Carter had a day repeating itself in a time loop if I remember correctly but this is a real game changer and it seems like the changes might be with us for a while at least, if not permanently.

This episode explore the changes that this timeline has for the time travelers. Some are entertaining like Tess saying yes to that ‘thing’ and Carter has to figure out what it is since he has no clue what he asked; the same with Jo thinking she is out of a job with robot deputy Andy on her old spot. The maybe greatest change is Kevin being normal, he was autistic in our ‘timeline’. To say Alison is delighted is an understatement. Jo is not happy with the-love-of-her-life a jailbird she hasn’t ever dated.

What scare me most is Fargo in charge of GD …

With all the changes it is good to see one thing that has not changed is the runaway scientific experiments. A giant robot ant goes amok on main street and the usual detective work proceeds, now with robot Andy as Carters deputy. No offence Andy but that is a downer if it means less Jo.

It turns out Dr Grant is not exactly innocent, seems he re-tuned the device so he could explore the future. That Grant would have stranded Carter in the past if Alison and Carter hadn’t found their own way to travel is a necessary sacrifice science has to do. He is going to be a lot of trouble down the line.

In the end the time bridge is destroyed and they are stranded in this timeline. They decide to keep secret that they are time travelers because according to Alison there is a government protocol in place that would mean their death if they where found out.

I love this show but I am a bit undecided about this change, much depends on how this pans out. Some of the travelers might want to get back to their original lives while some definitely would choose to stay here like Alison. This episode was a fast paced, witty game changer. I for one is interested in where it takes our favorite characters.

Eureka returns next week with episode 4.03 – All the Rage. Wil Wheaton guest stars as Dr. Isaac Parrish, an underappreciated scientist whose hostility appears to have gone viral. Blind rage is infecting everyone at Global Dynamics with potentially catastrophic results—especially for Fargo.

Be afraid be very afraid …