Eureka Season 4 Premiere Review

Carter and the quirky town of Eureka is back for twenty new episodes. The Premiere takes us and the main cast back to the Founders Day and introduces Doctor Trevor Grant, the founder of Eureka all in a funny imaginative way as we have come to expect of this show. Lots of changes this year folks, here is my take on the premiere.


  • This season has 20 episodes.
  • Zoe is gone to university, bummer.
  • Tess went to Australia and she just called to break up with Carter.

The Plot

The town is preparing for founders day. Tess has broken up with Carter. Jo-Jo gets a marriage proposal but it doesn’t go as planned. Carter is out running and takes a call when time changes, he gets a lift into town with Doctor Trevor Grant, the founder of Eureka and is delighted with all the effort the town put into Founders day, until he is arrested and realizes he is not in Texas anymore.  Alison dressed as a nurse helps him escape. It seems like the rest of the main cast has been transported to 1947. They land in the middle of cold war nostalgia.

They soon figure out that the phone calls channeled the shift and that machine on main street in combination with solar flares did the rest (what is it with solar flares and time travel, Stargate SG-1 used that too?). Jo is a delightfully forceful bad-ass when she tries to escape as a biker chick before being put into the arrest with naked man Fargo (putting her in the same cell as man seemed a bit off). Henrik is hiding in plain sight as a mechanics. Doctor Trevor Grant is quite flirty with Alison even before he realizes they are all from the future and he decides to help them. Jo and Fargo getting out of jail was a wonderful scene, especially when Fargo had to pee on the magnesium fire to make it hotter. My hero, Fargo decided to take one for the team. Henrik and Grant figure out a way for them to get back, they just have to avoid capture long enough for them to finish. Carter and Alison hide at the dance when he realizes he doesn’t have his phone, he left it in his jacket with Grant. Alison doesn’t want to leave him stranded there so they hold hands before Carter decides to kiss her, something she tanks him for after they return.

Pop, they are back but things have changed. Henry is married, Kevin is normal, Carter is living with Tess but Zoe is still at Harvard and the last scene shows Dr Grant asking for Alison at Carpe Diem …


They had the fifties down pat with the smoking and the attitude, very Bogart of them. Trevor Grant is a nice addition to the cast, he was wonderful in BSG and so far he looks solid in Eureka too. I hope they don’t just send him back next episode.

I wonder if Alison is married too, maybe we will see another comeback (besides Tess)? With Carter and Alison rekindling their on/off relationship with that kiss and Trevor Grant obviously pursuing Alison we could have a five-way love triangle/pentagram here.

We didn’t get to see much of Henrik’s wife/love interest this episode so I don’t have any opinion on her yet.

My View

I am happy to have some light, funny and warmhearted science fiction entertainment again with all the darkness and horror around. Eureka’s premiere promises we are in for an entertaining 20 episodes season and I am sure there are surprises to come, but the changed timeline has potential for a season long arc. We will probably see some sort of indication of the length of this arc in next episode.

Next Episode

Friday July 16: Episode 4.02 – A New World – Friday, July 16. Carter and his fellow travelers begin to realize the startling implications of their return to Eureka — and of Dr. Grant’s unnerving appearance in their midst.