Eye of the Storm by John Ringo (Hedren War 1)

General Mike O’Neal is popular with the troops and at home after liberating first Earth then planet after planet from the Posleen. The Darhels fear him and now that the war is almost over, they strike. General O’Neal is set up and captured, his troop are killed in an ambush. A kangaroo Court with drummed up charges is held and he is found guilty.

His transport to prison is intercepted  by a Bane Sidhe strike team lead by his daughter Cally, who he thinks dead. They bring Mike to earth without showing Cally.

The news of what happened leads to mutiny on the Moonbase and Fleet and they are just about to start fighting when neither side can fire their weapons.  The human mentats tell of a new enemy, more fierce and technological advanced than the Posleen.

The Darhels and the alliance depends on humans to fight their wars, and there is only one leader that can save their bacon  this time, General Mike O’Neal. But after what they did to him, his family and humanity it’s not going to  be  easy to get him to help. This time there will be change, a lot of change, with Mike O’Neal in charge of the war.

The Hedren Tyranny has invaded and they have mental powers they use for war. Michele and the other mentats have been trained in the Way that forbid violence but now they have to face the ‘Dark side’.

John Ringo is fantastic at portraing life in the military even when they are not fighting and making it  interesting to the reader. Even appointing officers and NCOs interests as much as a battle (almost). 

But there is more going on in this book, it hints of bigger powers behind the scene and the ending is a total cliffhanger. Now I have to wait for the resolution (Probably 2 more books). I was a bit disappointed by John Ringo’s homepage, there was no information on the series there, not even on this book.

Eye of the Storm (Free Online Book) was a hard book to put down, John Ringo at his best, a superb military science fiction. I recommend it.