Fansite claims Legend of the Seeker is canceled?

Edit: Seeker Exec. Producer sorta responds to all this again with a twitpic after touching all of this off yesterday.

Here is a link to the tweet:…

This is what he posted: My favorite Mark Twain quote:

Earlier today rumors started on twitter that Legend of the Seeker was canceled. I have found the question on SpoilerTV, but there has not been any official confirmation so far. Edit: They have updated with a reply from Gary Weitman.

There have been a requests for fans to rally and unconfirmed statements that it is indeed canceled from a Bridget Regan Fansite

I have found no confirmation anywhere on the usual well informed sources like ew, thr etc.  So this might be a Red Herring.

LOTS is a fantastic entertaining show that deserves a 3rd season. I will hold my breath until they renew it now and I am going to write my letter in support for renewal.

For those who want to show their support, send email/letter to Gary Weitman, Senior Vice President of Tribune.