[Female Protagonists on SciFi TV] Olivia Dunham in Fringe

How fitting isn’t it to start this new series of post with Olivia in Fringe, one of my favorite shows.

Olivia Dunham is played by the talented Anna Torv

When I first meet Olivia she was about to become engaged to fellow FBI agent John Scott, played by Mark Valley (Boston Legal, Human Target). John is killed after being exposed to a flesh-dissolving agent, but no one is ever completely dead in Fringe. In a desperate attempt to find out where he was affected Olivia link her mind with his dying mind in a strange experiment by Walter Bishop, a scientist fresh out of the loony bin. For a while Olivia mistakes John’s memories as her own.

As a result of that and her general competence she is recruited to a multi-agency task force called the Fringe Division. Where she works together with Peter Bishop, his crazy scientist father Walter and Walter’s assistant Astrid (she is supposed to be Olivia’s assistant) . Homeland Security Special Agent Philips Broyles is the head of the Division.

In the first season she was still deeply affected by her fiancées death but there was a definite chemistry with Peter that develops further in season two.

At the end of season one we learned about another dimension where the two twin towers still stands. Olivia went there to meet William Bell played by Leonard Nimoy, he calls her the Guardian of the Gateway. Season two’s arc is about stopping an invasion from the other dimension so that might have significance.

As a small child Olivia was subject to experiments by Walter and his partner William Bell. We learned about them in season two when a case brought them back there. As a result she can see a shimmer around people from another dimension. She also have other more unspecified psychic powers, once as a child she burned out a whole room with her mind, and she has defused a bomb also with her mind.

Nine years old Olivia shot her abusive stepfather but he survived and disappeared, she has said she knew from she was nine what she wanted to do when she grew up.

Olivia has a niece she cares much about named Ella daugther of Olivia’s sister Rachel. We see more of Ella than her mother even though they stayed at Olivia in season one.

At the moment she is struggling with Peter, she understands he is from the other dimension when she sees him glimmer, Walter asks her not to tell him, but he finds out anyway and takes off by himself. I haven’t seen this weeks episode  but I expect him to be back in her life before this season is over.

I like Olivia she is a resourceful agent that show her human side and I know I am going to enjoy the upcoming finale. Season three is already in the bag.

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