Fire Sea by Margater Weis & Tracy Hickman (Death Gate 3)

Haplo and dog goes to the realm of Earth, Abarrach. An hash realm where all the lesser races died early on and only the Sartans remain. Degenerate necromantic Sartans on a world that slowly turns into an Icelet.

The main characters are:

  • The necromancer Baltazar
  • The prince Edmund whose realm freezes and his people are forced to migrate
  • Jera and Jonathan are the rebel leaders that oppose the Dynast
  • the Dynast Kleitus is the powerful necromancer tyrant that stops at nothing to stay in power

Haplo is here with Alfred and dog. Haplo realizes that the Lord of the Nexus would be very interested in necromancy to bolster their forces, the downside that Haplo have trouble with is that for every one raised to undead another living soul is killed.

Another great book by M&T.