First Contact in Stargate Universe Impress

Colonel Young gets the surprise of his life when he uses one of the stones to report back to Earth when he instead ends up on an alien spacecraft. An alien arrive and wave friendly to Young before walking off. Meanwhile on Destiny Young’s mental guest goes bonkers and attack the group assisting Young.

Stargate Universe impress with a strong return after a long hiatus. According to people involved in the show it’s going to get even more intense in the following episodes.

Synopsis: Using the communication stones, Col. Everett Young (LOUIS FERREIRA) prepares to file a report to Earth regarding the recent untimely deaths on board the Destiny. But upon initiating the device, his consciousness is diverted into an unknown being. Worried about the repercussions of the connection, Young puts the communication stones temporarily off limits.

Soon after the malfunction, an alien vessel appears in Destiny’s path and demands surrender. The standoff doesn’t last long. The alien vessel launches an attack and captures Chloe (ELYSE LEVESQUE). Realizing this is more than a coincidence; Col. Young must use the stones again to get aboard the ship and try to rescue Chloe. He quickly realizes, however, Chloe isn’t the only prisoner aboard the ship.

We ended with Colonel Young and Rush fighting it out on an alien planet which ended with Young returning alone to Destiny and Rush alone outside a locked alien vessel.

They have definitely upped the game this part of the season if this episode is any guide. There is evidence of more money, a bigger budget all over this episode.

The acting was also over all excellent this episode. At the beginning Young is shaving himself and have a tough time looking himself in the mirror. He really gets to show emotions here.

There are also a lot of promising plot lines to wind up during the rest of the season beside the aliens. Love is stiring both here and there, so far with a great deal of obstacles. Doctor seems to have a crush on Young and still she flirt with the guy Jane liked and she cries her eyes out. There is a civilians against military conspiracy with Rush in the middle of it. There still is mistrust and insecurity among the crew, but to my relief it felt normal, not like it was created just to emphases conflict.

The whole abduction scene was a bit stupid, If aliens drilled a big hole in the ceiling in my ship, I wouldn’t walk up and peer up in it unarmed. Otherwise it was well thought out and believable.

I am not the only one happy that Young orders the stones off limits (finally).

The ship is in pretty bad shape as shown in the battle with the aliens. Wonder how they will solve that.

Rush claims he doesn’t remember what happened on the ship and he lets Young off the hook for now. They wanted Destiny according to Rush. I am not sure Rush is Rush, he behaves more peculiar than usual. Rush and Young have a man to man talk was promising and somewhat entertaining.

And yes, Young is into crafts, mending his socks.

Next time will be different…