Flag in Exile by David Weber (Honor Harrington 5)

In Field of DishonorHonor Harrington revenged the murder of her lover Paul at the cost of her naval career. Now at half pay and still devastated she recuperates on Grayson. Dutiful as she is she now tries to do the best of her steadholdership. Her holding is the newest on Grayson and the poorest, which she strives to remedy. Unknown to her reactionary forces start to plot against her and her holding.

At that time she is offered a commission in the Grayson Navy. As admiral over Battle Squadron II, with 6 upgraded former Havanite SDs. Reluctantly she agrees.

The Republic of Haven are in desperate need for a Victory to placate the Dole masses. A plan is hatched to strike against …

You can fill in the blanks. David Weber is a good story teller, you can really feel the persons and their agony. I am amazed that he succeeds in making it all so believable.