Forthcoming SF&F Books Summer 2017

изготовление вывесок киевThese are the upcoming books I would like to read and review

It is also my teaser page of things to come. The further away a release is the less certain is the information, covers can change from week to week and delays are common. This is also a collection of data from public sources that can contain errors or old information. So you can’t trust this calendar like it is written in stone.

Click on the covers for a larger image. Titles in Italic have covers. Recent changes are in bold.


June 2017

Devil's Due (Destroyermen) by Taylor Anderson (Ace)

  • Devil’s Due (Destroyermen) by Taylor Anderson (Ace) – us uk
  • The Longest Day (Ark Royal 10) by Chris Nuttall


July 2017

  • Sungrazer (Outriders 2) by Jay Posey (Angry Robot) – us uk
  • Cat’s Paw (The Unwritten Words 1, Bookworm series 2) by Chris Nuttall

August 2017

Jupiter Rising (The Icarus Corps 3) by Zachary Brown (Saga)    

  • Jupiter Rising (The Icarus Corps 3) by Zachary Brown (Saga) – us uk
  • A Dragon of a Different Color (Heartstrikers 4) by Rachel Aaron (Aaron/Bach) – us uk
  • A Red Peace (Starfire Trilogy 1) by Spencer Ellsworth (Amazon) – us uk
  • Rita Longknife – Enemy In Sight (Iteeche War 2) by Mike Shepherd (Amazon) – us uk
  • The Zero Curse (The Zero Enigma 2)  by Chris Nuttall

September 2017

  • Acadie by Dave Hutchinson (Tor) – us uk
  • Peace Talks (Dresden 16) by Jim Butcher (Orbit) – still being written in May 2017
  • Poison Pen (SIM 13) by Chris Nuttall

October 2017

  Barbary Station by R. E. Stearns (Saga Press)

  • Chain of Command by Frank Chadwick (Baen) – us uk
  • The Rift Frequency (Rift Uprising 2) by Amy S. Foster (Harper) – us uk
  • Barbary Station by R. E. Stearns (Saga Press) – us uk
  • Friendly Fire (Bastard Legion 2) by Gavin Smith (Gollancz) – us uk
  • The Cruel Stars (Ark Royal 11) by Chris Nuttall

November 2017

Oathbringer (Stormlight Archive 3) by Brandon Sanderson (Gollancz) 

  • Oathbringer (Stormlight Archive 3) by Brandon Sanderson (Gollancz) – us uk
  • Valiant Dust (Breaker of Empires 1) by Richard Baker (Tor) – us uk
  • The Wrong Star by Tim Pratt (Angry Robots) – us uk
  • Shadow Sun Seven (Starfire Trilogy 2) by Spencer Ellsworth (Tor) – us uk
  • Graduation Day (SIM 14) by Chris Nuttall

Unsure when 2017

  • Countermeasures (Merkiaari Wars 6) by Mark E. Cooper


January 2018

  • Neogenesis (Liaden) by Sharon Lee (Baen) – us
  • Points of Impact (Frontlines 6) by Marko Kloos (47 North) – us uk

February 2018

  • Into the Fire (Vatta’s Peace 2) by Elizabeth Moon (del Rey) – us uk

March 2018

A Call to Vengeance (Manticore Ascendant 3) by David Webber & Timothy Zahn & Thomas Pope (Baen)

  • A Call to Vengeance (Manticore Ascendant 3) by David Webber & Timothy Zahn & Thomas Pope (Baen) – us uk

April 2018

  • Though Hell Should Bar the Way (DCN 12) by David Drake (Baen) – us uk

Unsure when 2018

  • The Olympian Affair (The Cinder Spires 2) by Jim Butcher – looks more like 2019
  • A Liaden Universe novel 1/2 by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (Baen) – 2018?
  • A Liaden Universe novel 2/2 by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (Baen) – 2018/2019?
  • Suicide Run (Smuggler’s Tale 3) by Nathan Lowell (Durandus) – delayed
  • By Darkness Forged (A Seeker’s Tale 3) by Nathan Lowell (Durandus)


January 2019

  • Solace Station (The Bastard Legion 3) by Gavin Smith (Gollancz) – uk

Unsure when

  • The Ringing Deeps (Troy Rising 4) by John Ringo – working title in 2015
  • Lost Metal (Mistborn 7) by Brandon Sanderson (Gollancz) – removed from amazon 2016, belived to be 2018
  • Privateer (Alexis Carew 5) by J. A. Sutherland – 2017/2018
  • Mirror, Mirror (Dresden Files 17) by Jim Butcher – not on the schedule May 2017
  • The Book of Robots (Penrose 3) by Tony Ballantyne – delayed
  • The Devil and the Blue Sea (Their Darkest Hour 2) by Christopher Nuttall
  • Democracy’s Price (Democracy’s Right 3) by Christopher Nuttall – longer term probably 2018 or late 2017
  • The Wanderer book 5 by Simon Goodson
  • The Sons of Oberon (The Pax Humana Saga 4) by Endi Webb
  • Terry Dean

    I must say I really enjoy this every month, especially since our tastes in SFF seem so similar. It helps to prevent missing something in upcoming books when I have this cross-check to my own lists. And it has pointed me in new directions sometimes. One author I see you are not following is Michael Anderle and his Kutherian Gambit. Good stuff in ebooks only.