Freehold by Michael Z Williamson (Freehold 1)

Kendra Pacelli flees from Earth to Freehold after getting implicated by association in the embezzlement of her UN bosses. You don’t take any chances with UN security; they usually arrest everyone and create their own scapegoats as needed. And Kendra don’t have the money to bribe anyone.

What Kendra meets on Freehold is completely different from the mostly socialistic and decadent Earth. Freehold is a utopia of personal freedom where everyone is armed to the teeth. Good character description and logical buildup of the story. The story is pretty PC, even if I think Republicans like it better. It is also good military action in the second part when UN troops invade.

I really enjoyed how Kendra grows as a person during the book. I really liked Kendra. I would love to read more stories with her.

Freehold is available online or as a download through Baen’s Free Library.