Fringe 2.13 – The Bishop Revival

Having a Nazi as your assistant can have some drawbacks especially if they live forever?

Someone who is recognized by a former Holocaust victim is performing macabre experiments that targets race, eye color and other genetic traits and kills the victim.

Olivia, Peter and Walter is called out to investigate the murders. Walter is his usual self, he is the most interesting person in Fringe, He and Astrid. Walter is insinuating Peter and Olivia is going to marry soon. He asks Peter if he thinks She is going to call him father, he would like that. That’s just such a Walter moment.

The poison has some interesting and Fringy properties, it turns the victims blood blue. Walter starts  to recognize the science from his fathers books and we learn that his father was working for the Nazis while being an American double agent. They came to the States 1943, not before the war as Peter believed.

We learn more about Peter and Walters relationship and family history in this episode than ever before. It might not be such a big revelation as last week when we learned that Walter didn’t want Peter to die again, but it is interesting.

The mystic man recognize Walter, he looks like his father he tells the policeman that tells him his name outside the next crime site. They find the tea mug he used to disperse the poison, but analyses show that the DNA found is of a man more than 100 years old (and the perpetrator looks twentyfivish).

They have to use the clues they get to track down the culprit before he can unleash All of Hitlers dreams in one little toxin as Walter so well put it.

It was an interesting episode from a personal learn to know perspective. I miss this seasons big arc, the other dimension, super soldiers etc. There is just one more episode left and the build up from this episode is sleight.

I am so looking forward to the finale anyway. Fringe has been a rock in a very stormy SciFi season, high quality science fiction entertainment is what it is.