Fringe 2.13 – What Lies Below

This time they have an Outbreak situation on their hands. A Dutch man walks into an office collapse and die,  when he dies he spews out a cloud of blood on the bystanders.

Olivia and Peter arrive shortly to investigate the weird death.

The courier that came up in the same elevator as the diseased tries to leave the building. But he is stopped at the last minute by Walter (picture) as he eject the same kind of blood spew and dies.

The CDC takes control of the building and enforce a lock down with Peter and Olivia trapped inside with the rest of the exposed office employees.

Walter and Astrid have to  fight the clock to  find a way to eradicate the pathogens before time runs out for the people trapped in the building.

Walter and Astrid’s research reveal that the pathogen originated deep down the earth and that it probably was responsible for the death of the dinosaurs.

The virus isn’t airborne, it spread through body fluids.

In a struggle with the next victim Peter slips and get blood from the first victim on him …

As CDC call in the Army to destroy the infected.

Walter tells Astrid he can’t let Peter die again. The truth will be out soon that he is from another universe.

A decent episode not one of the best.