Fringe 2.23 – Over There Part II – Season 2 Finale

After the cliffhanger ending of Over There part 1 I’m thrilled and filled with anticipation for part 2 the season finale of Fringe. Walter had been shot and collapse outside a hospital. William Bell steps out of the shadows outside Alt-Olivia’s window and tell Olivia he has been expecting her (If it wasn’t for the high respect one have for his character and the actor playing him one could come up with other reasons an elderly man hangs outside a lovely young woman’s window) and Walter is in trouble. In addition to that Peter is about to help Walternate build a sinister world-busting-looking bomb that might be missing only the detonator and that missing piece might be Peter himself.

Roll the tape!


Airships are so cool, why don’t we have more of them? The Alterverse seems to have had much trouble with Fringe events; maybe their warlike reaction is not totally unfounded. On the surface it seems like Walter has a lot to atone for. I would not be too surprised if most of the Fringe damage in Alterverse stems from Bell’s and Walternet’s experiments through.

In many respect the tech levels in Alterverse is higher than us, they have fast healing drugs, exploding bullets, flexible touch pads and much more quite spiffy.

The differences between our two world where something to enjoy in this episode, I would like to learn more. Even the comics in the background was changed Red Lantern instead of Green.


The plot is that Walter and Olivia with the help of William Bell tries to save Peter before he blows up. Walternate and Alt-Olivia tries to stop them and Walternate follows his own agenda which seems to be the destruction of our universe. He almost tricks Peter into charging the power supply for the bomb, but Peter becomes suspicious when he realizes that it is attuned to one individual only – himself.

In the end William Bell powers their return trip to this universe, but Olivia was switched and Alt-Olivia took her place instead. It is not clear whether or not William Bell survived that.

In the end Alt-Olivia contacts Alterverse and asks for instructions via the Typewriter we have seen before. She gets them, but we are not allowed to see them yet.


Yes, you do. I have thought of one hundred reasons…
why you should come back. To — to fight the shape-shifters,
to take care of Walter, to –
– to save the world. But in the end…
you have to come back.
Because you belong with me.

Anna Torv really gets to shine this episode; she plays both Agent Dunham and Alt-Olivia. First she confronts herself to learn where Peter is being kept but she is not very cooperative. Is it still a catfight if she fights herself? She also finally confesses her feelings for Peter and they kiss.

They’re our doubles, alternate version of ourselves,
but don’t be deceived, Olivia.
They’re monsters in our skin.
They’ll do anything,
say anything to gain our trust,
but they can’t be trusted.

Alt-Olivia is an interesting character; it feels like she has empathy and was about to realize that they didn’t have to be enemies at times. The first time she sees herself is such a good scene. She gets so psyched when she discover herself rescuing Walter on the security video at the hospital..

Them both talking about their families was also one of the many highlights.

Peter also did well in the character department. Meeting Alt-Olivia was a great scene and she escorts him to a safe house. How is she? Alt-Olivia asks interested in Olivia. She always tries to right some imagined wrong, haunted I guess …; The way Peter describe Olivia makes it clear how much she means to him.

Changing the Laws of Physics might be above my abilities.
Peter tells Walternet

Walternate is Alterverse’s Secretary of Defense and he is a cruel man, wonder if having his son taken caused that or if there is something else behind it? The way he treats Olivia in that dark isolation chamber when she plead and beg to be let out is cold. How is the political system in Alterverse? I get a feeling it is much more totalitarian than here? What do you think?

Harvard is on the edge of a Fringe zone of people frozen in a brown field. It’s there Walternet has been trying to find a way to travel the universes. How much of the damage to Alterverse is he responsible for?

Bell to Walter about Olivia
We accomplished a lot together, but she might be our greatest accomplishment

Walter finally got to confront Bell about his memory, and the answer didn’t surprise. You asked me.

Peter has not forgiven Walter but he is not angry any more. You did cross universes twice to save my life he tells him.

My View

Over There was an excellent season finale, it explained a lot but it also created new questions. The introduction of the alt team is great. I can imagine all kinds of wonderful uses for this next season; we might even get to see the two teams work together? Is it a Multiverse?

Once again Fringe proves that it is the best SF show around!