Fringe 3.01 – Olivia [TV Review]

Fringe has a good start on the season and way to go the way this show has of reinventing itself every season. That is a talented group of writers.

Olivia is on the other side where Walternate is trying to convince her she is their Olivia by injecting her with a memory transfer from B-Olivia. They want to use her ability to move between the universes.

Olivia makes a run for it and escapes but the memory transfer slowly takes over turning her into what they believe is B-Olivia. I am not convinced she isn’t playing a role to be given freedom. Outside she teams up with a taxi driver I think I recognize from Total Recall? I have to check IMDB later. The guy connects with Olivia and I think he will be back.

Next episode will be in our universe but the next after that will be on the other side, it is going to be torture to have to wait on resolution two weeks after each episode up until the big revelation already promised in the fall finale.

I had great fun watching this episode but it was also very emotional with her trapped, possibility after possibility closed for her to return and then meeting her mother that in our universe died when she was a little kid.

I wonder how it will go on the boyfriend side. Our Peter here and Frank(?) over there. We will find out about Peter and the other Olivia next week. I heard rumors that they will go a bit steamy on us, but that might not be next week.

The other side has daily flights to the moon! We are doing something wrong here! The totalitarian big brother surveillance is a bit harder than here. You have to swipe your card to travel.

Walternate has a plan. Why is he using Olivia? please speculate in comments.