Fringe is Back Better than Ever

A Review of Fringe Episode 2.16 – Peter

What a marvelous emotional episode. Fringe really comes back with a bang.

Walter has always been my favorite character and this episode is further proof of his excellence. Olivia discovered that Peter was from the other dimension before the hiatus and Walter asked her not to tell him.

In this episode we get to follow Walter back to 1985 as he tells Olivia how it came about, starting with him showing the military a digital mobile (they where not invented 1985) and explaining to them that it was from another more technologically advanced dimension. I was a bit surprised they didn’t show more of a reaction at that.

From the beginning in Fringe I saw Walter as rather unfeeling and only caring about his research, but he has gradually become more and more a ‘sensitive’ guy, with quirks of course. In this episode he totally redeem himself, before he donated parts of his brain to others he was a caring father that loved his son very much. So much in fact, that after his Peter died, he tried to save Peter in the other dimension, never intending to bring him over to our world.

So the Bald Men makes mistakes … Interesting to know

Great episode, lots of questions are answered and a big part of the back story is explained in this episode. You should definitely watch it.