From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris (Southern Vampires 8)

Hurricane Katrina and the explosion at the vampire Summit has Louisiana’s supernatural community hard pressed. Sookie is safe but dazed and her were-tiger boyfriend is among the missing.

Sookie meets her great-grandfather Niall Brigant, a Fairy.

There is mysterious deaths among the local Were community. Sookie gets involved as Friend Of The Pack. They discover an even bigger plot. The conflict decimate the weres and leaves Alcide Herveaux as the new Pack Leader.

The power vacuum in the vampire society bring in opportunist from Vegas that try to take over Louisiana from the injured Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq, and Sookie ends up in the middle of it, determined to help her friends. Through a very thorough “ambush” Felipe de Castro, King of Nevada, becomes the new King of Louisiana and Arkansas. Eric Northman survive as the only sheriff to do so by being more bad-ass than the invaders. King Filipe accepts his fealty.