Ghost shows

Ghost Whisperer is another show I love. Jennifer Lowe Hewitt are so one of the most beautiful women in the world and she acts as good as she looks. But I am not sure this latest plot line is so good. Killing off Sam, the love of her life and putting his ghost in another body? Hope it picks up, I want to see more Ghosts less drama.

At least the last episode of this season is named ‘Endless Love’. We might see a resolution by then.

This season at least beats the ‘dark side’ ones. They remained me to much of the second season of Tru Calling when Trus ‘evil’ brother and father surfaced.

Mediumis another lovely show. Medium in Suburbia with kids, not as funny as Al Bundy, but as a father i can relate to the family life. Though I don’t see Ghosts, nor am I female I can relate :-)

Season 5 looks promising so far, the intrigue to solve each ‘case’ is what keeps me interested. Season 4 was great compared to season 3 which almost made me loose all interests.