Ghost Whisperer Season 5 is Great! (Episodes 1-10 of 14)

Ghost whisperer
Aiden, Melissa and Jim

Talk about an awesome season. Ghost Whisperer is better than ever. This new format really works for me. One good story to tell in each episode ending with something that pushes the arc forward.

Season five starts five years after season four. Arc wise season five is building up to something, the shadows are planing something bad, even the Book of Changes hide from them. The shadows by the way is made of broken people and even the watchers are afraid of them. The Hospital have been a center for a lot of bad, what’s up with the Stitches broad?

  • Melissa is still happy with her shop, she is a bit concerned she can’t see Aiden’s new friends.
  • Jim is a doctor and he gets more to do this season, which I like.
  • Aiden goes to school and start to show his powers, he sees and befriend shiny ones, he can also see shadows. 
  • Eli is still at the University and still not popular with the administration
  • Delia have her own Real Estate business. She also develops a love interest.
  • Ned is in College studying the Occult.

I am very happy with this change for the better I love Jennifer Love Hewitt and I used to like Ghost Whisperer a lot but season four wasn’t so great. Season five so far surpass all of my expectations. It’s a return to the high quality occult mysteries that once hocked me on the show.