Grimspace by Ann Aguirre (Sirantha Jax 1)

Happy day, I got 3 slips from the postman this afternoon. Books awaited me at the local store.

One of the books where Ann Agirre’s Grimspace. I’m not usually into romance novels but I decided to take a chance on this one. It sounded interesting. Sirantha Jax has the jumper gene that allows jumps trough Grimspace. After a crash that kills her pilot, she is imprisoned and undergoes a ruthless interrogation that leaves her on the brink of madness. A mysterious stranger comes to her rescue. He will help her, for a price, she must help bring down the monopoly of space travel the Corp has. They travel the universe together …

It has everything you expect out of a romance novel: A Sassy heroine and a mysterious troubled man.

Technology of interest is the jump tech. One “jumper” with the J-gene can look into Grimspace and find the right beacon to emerge at. While doing so she can’t steer the ship but needs a pilot to do that. While doing that their minds are joined by the tech so that they can communicate.

No wonder many pilots and jumpers end up having sex afterwards.

It was a good read, the story would have gained a bit if it had a bit more flesh to it, even if you got all the flesh you should want. Some of the events where a bit abrupt. I doubt I will read it again anytime soon.

I have the next book in the series Wanderlust. Maybe it is better. I will find out …