Guest Review of Gardens of The Sun by Paul McAuley on Temple Library Review

I am guest blogging on Temple Library Review during April. My first review there is of Gardens of the Sun by Paul McAuley – Please read it there.

Temple Library Review is a blog for speculative fiction operated by Harry Markov who has been friendly enough to allow me to write about science fiction there too.

Harry’s description: I review literary works of any lengths and formats. Novels, novellas, short stories, magazines and e-zines, anthologies and comic books. I welcome everything as long as it’s in either of these genres:

  • Fantasy: I don’t have a favorite sub genre, so everything from epic to urban is accepted.
  • Science Fiction: This is a field I read less in, but has been rewarding no matter the pick.
  • Horror & Gothic: I like the good scare as well as the good dread and the moody melancholy. If it’s dark, bring it on.
  • Cross Genres: I am open to paranormal romance, alternative history, steampunk, literary with bizarre tropes or world building or with an active spiritual/mystical/supernatural tone.
  • Non Fiction: If it concerns anything above.
  • Comic Books / Graphic Novels / Manga: As long as they fit the genre categories above.