Half Share an audiobook by Nathan Lowell (Golden Age of the Solar Clipper 2)

Nathan Lowell’s audio books are really addictive. I almost had to fore go sleep to finish them. As someone said this is the working stiffs science fiction and it is great SF.

Title: Half Share
Author: Nathan Lowell
Series: Golden Age of the Solar Clipper 2
Audiobook: iTunes | podiobooks.com
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Homepage: Trader’s Diary

In this podiobook: A Trader’s Tale from the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper : Book 2 After Ishmael Wang is promoted to the environmental section, he’s caught in a swirl of mystery, doubt, belief, lust and a really nice fitting pair of jeans. He has to come to grips with what it means to be a spacer while he’s still trying to figure out what it means to be a man. Join Ishmael, Brillo, Pip, and the rest of the crew of the Lois McKendrick as they help the newest member of the crew adjust to life in the Deep Dark. Half Share is the sequel to Quarter Share, also available at Podiobooks.com.Note: Some scenes in Half Share involve adult themes, nudity, sex and references to religions not based on Judeo-Christian traditions. Read at your own risk.

Ishmael Wong is orphaned when his mother, an Ancient Literature Professor is killed in an accident. Without any fortune or income he enlists in the Mercantile Marine as a quarter share mess boy. The SC McKendrick becomes his new home and the crew his new family. He is still learning the ropes but he is a very talented young man, open and he has easy to learn.

His ability to plan ahead and quickly integrate in any new group helps when he starts working in environment. Most of this book is about work place problems and how to solve them. I suspect Nathan Lowell worked with human resources at some stage. There is Ishmael’s replacement Sarah Kroog that hides a mystery, his friend Pip with his hidden talents but over all Ish ability to integrate people into his new extended family.

Ishmael is still a naive young man but the females of the crew adopt him and even bring him shopping, it helps that he gets an introduction to the top designer of the station. At times this comes very close to an adolescent boy’s dream world even if there is no sex involved.

The power of Nathan Lowell’s narration is that even if there isn’t much happening in this novel you are still mesmerized by it, it is brilliant. I enjoyed the change from my beloved space operas, count this book also as a strong recommendation and know that the next book Full Share is even better.