Hand of Chaos by Margatet Weis & Tracy Hickman (Death Gate 5)

In this fifth book it’s finaly time to get down to the real business of saving the worlds. We start with Alfred and Olra banished to the Labyrinth. Haplo travels to Draknor to retrieve his ship only to come on a wet, haggard and lost  Samah who by opening the death gate have let the evil dragon-snakes  free on an unsuspected universe. Haplo being to weak to capture Samah report back to Lord Xar in the Nexus.

Xar no longer trusting Haplo send him off to Arianus as an escort for Bane who is sent to bring the great machine online again and pave the way for lord Xar. Meanwhile the Kicksay-winsay have ceased operation. The dwarfs blaming the elves and the elves blaming the dwarfs. Now add the Dragon-snakes and their sinister plans to wreak chaos and fear.

Main characters in this story are:

  • Haplo
  • Bane unleashes his own kind of chaos on Arianus, even the dragon-snakes are impressed.
  • Hugh the Hand is back with lots of interesting back story.
  • Xar goes to Abbarach to learn necromancy.
  • Limbeck and Jarre
  • Sang-drax the head snake is a shapeshifter.
  • Iridal set out to rescue Bane
  • King Stephen and queen Anne

I really enjoyed the Hugh the Hand part of the story.