Haven 1.02 – Butterfly (Review)

Last Week

In the pilot FBI agent Audrey Parker arrive in Haven in pursuit of a fugitive only to find him dead under mysterious circumstances. After some freak weather incidents she slowly realizes that there is a person whose emotions controls the weather behind it all. She also finds an old photo of someone looking like herself, could it be her mother (Audrey is an orphan)?

This Week

One morning a rolling metal ball crushes into Otis bar. Audrey and Nathan investigate. One local priest named Drisco is their prime suspect. He was at the bar the day before yelling at the barkeep after he found out his daughter Hanna was working there.

Annie is visited by a butterfly before she is cocooned by a blanket and that points to the priest again since he collects them. Personally I thought it was Hanna’s adopted son from the beginning. Especially after the priest was attacked. Later they discover Hanna was fired from the bar for stealing. But according to Hanna the bar owner was skimming and the bank hired her to audit the bar. Bobby is causing it in his sleep. Hanna and Bobby runs away to a remote cabin. And of course they are attacked by butterflies on their way.

The weird thing is that the ending is the same like in the pilot? why? oh, wait it’s slightly different Nathan and Audrey have a talk about a year of trouble when he was a kid.

It is a bit like the 4400 meets X-files. Not stellar by any means but decent entertainment.

Next Week

Haven 1.03 – Ball and Chain (Syfy)
A plague of insanity strikes at a local hospital, causing the doctors to go insane… and the patients to become normal. Audrey and Norman seek to discover the cause before it spreads further.

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