Haven 1.03 – Harmony (Review)

Last Week

Last week Audrey and Nathan solved the case of the mysterious butterflies. A young boy’s dreams wrecked havoc among anyone his subconscious perceived as a threat. Audrey takes a job in Haven’s police force so she can pursue the woman in that newspaper photo who could be her mother.

This Week

“Shenanigans at the Freddy” is Haven-talk for riot at the Mental Hospital. Audrey and Nathan takes on a strange case where the mental patients become sane and sane people become insane. After taking down the rampaging head-doctor with chloroform-cocktails they go after the three escaped patients. Two are found playing in a backyard with some kids and brought back to the hospital where they regress to their original state but not before one of them looks with recognition on Audrey and mumbles something about Daisies, Snapdragons and Orchids.

The third patient Lilly returns to her husband who lives in town. They used to perform together now it is quite sad. They had an accident where Lilly almost died in the cold water after their car went down and since then she has not been right.

The plot now takes on a familiar pattern, first they suspect the head-doctor and his medicine, then they suspect Lilly but in the end it is shown to be Ray’s music affecting people and driving them insane. They get the clue after Ray and Lilly play at the pub, making people go all kind of crazy. One guy pushed a car sideways across the parking lot but that didn’t seem to surprise Audrey much because she goes inside instead only to discover Nathan has been affected too.

We know Nathan doesn’t  feel anything but it is still a bit creepy to see him burn his forearms with a lighter before rushing of to attack Duke. The Duke-Nathan conflict was one of the more interesting things this episode. Duke hints on dark actions in Nathan’s past and I don’t know what to make of his comment “Does she know you are not a real boy” and doing the Pinocio nose. Nathan on the other hand accuses Duke of using people. Duke and Nathan has a strong dynamic going on, that I like.

Nathan and Audrey also have dynamics or at least they try but fail to convince me, yet. I like characters with strong dynamics, preferably with humorous banter. There is a few moments where I see that between them and it has improved over the first three episodes. This could be down to the characters getting to know each other which would be okay.

One somewhat cheesy moment was when the head-doctor kidnapped Ray and was about to do a mad scientist on him to remove his brain. Audrey stopped him by electrocuting him.

In the end Audrey and Nathan helps Ray and Lilly escape with one other patient on a boat out on the sea where Ray’s music can’t affect anyone. The third patient was the one that recognized Audrey and from him she learns that his mother’s name might have been Lilly.

‘The Troubles’ that seems to have occurred when Audrey’s mother was in town is back and maybe to stay according to Nathan and Duke. Is it possible Audrey is somehow responsible?

It is now three episodes into the series and I would usually have more to say of where this is going but I must admit I would like to see more before deciding. There are some patterns that seem to return every episode which I hope is just temporary, it is easy to see where it is going long before it does. The characters I like in general even if they are still getting to know one another. The background mystery about where all these powers come from and why in Haven should be interesting to explore further.

Next Week

There has been quite a bit confusion with both episode names and descriptions lately but this is according to tvguide and they have been right so far. Other sources haven’t. It looks like the network shows the episodes out of order as this was supposed to be the second episode before.

Haven 1.04 – Consumed (Syfy)
Audrey remains in Haven to follow up on a clue to her own orphan past – an old photo from the local newspaper, of the infamous “Colorado Kid” crime scene, reveals a woman who could be her mother. But Audrey stumbles upon another mysterious event in town, when food, fields, and even livestock around Haven all begin to die, and she joins with Nathan to investigate what the source of the epidemic could be – and what’s really happening in this extraordinary place.

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