Haven 1.04 – Consumed (Review)

Last Week

Shenanigans at the Freddy would be short for riot at the local mental hospital by the staff while the patients get sane. Audrey and Nathan discover the secret behind it and helps the perpetrator escape with his wife to the sea where his music can’t harm anyone else.

This Week

So Duke takes a Spanish baby on the sea after some entertaining verbal sparring with agent Parker. But he does recommend her to go to Haven’s Farmer’s Market which is promptly attacked by rotten fruits and vegetables. Audrey is intrigued and calls Nathan in. The peculiar thing is that is only some of the carts that have been affected.

The rotting plague continues to strike around town while they try to find the common denominator. The ice cream maker had a rather spectacular case when the milk fermented inside his cows and killed them. The entire high school team comes down with a case of acid burn. All the vendors supply the same restaurant, Bill and Jeff’s Second Chance Bistro. Jeff arrived back in town lately after years cooking all over the world. I immediately thought so we are supposed to suspect it is Jeff doing this when it is in reality Bill or Bill’s wife? They ought to change the formula.

There is no surprise that Duke delivers stuff to that restaurant to. Meg is Bill’s wife hm, it is either Bill or Meg. Jeff has an assistant that might be a runner up to. A&N visit Jeff making some bird dish and then when they leave the place birds fall out of the sky and Audrey says “I have seen this movie, it doesn’t end well”.

All point at Meg but that is just a sign it’s not her. Time to place another distraction. Seems like their competition Lobster Pop is interested in the location. Their guy John Roberts has Jeff on speed dial.

Audrey goes shopping in preparation for the grand reopening of Jeff and Bill’s restaurant Second Chances. Two old somewhat amusing guys helping Audrey help her with fashion advise. The grand opening goes well until Bill learns about Jeff contacts with Lobster Pop. One taste of the Salmon and the whole diner rots in seconds. The brothers has a fallout and Jeff declares he is going back to work for an ex girlfriend ditching Catherina.

But Jeff shows up with the dead salmon in the sea the next day. He visited Duke that night so they talk to him. All of a sudden there is a knife involved and a rather cute story that Duke tells about Second Chances. But of course it is not Duke, even A&N figure it out eventually that it is Bill that caused the rot. But to my surprise Jeff was murdered by Catherina slipping him sesame oil which caused an allergic reaction that knocked him off.

All is happy in the end, Bill gets to be a wood worker and Duke gets the restaurant deed.

Audrey put on some delightful local attire at the end you should not miss.

Haven is getting there but I miss the bigger picture, when is the next clue going to drop? It will take forever if there is a clue every second episode.

Next Week

Duke will have problem with aging next week. Are Heaven’s writers on the same boat as Warehouse 13? They did the premature aging this week.

Haven 1.05 – Ball and Chain (Syfy)
Time speeds ahead as an unknown element begins rapidly ageing the men in Haven.

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