Haven 1.05 – Ball and Chain [Review]

Last Week

Last week stress got the better of one brother eating and everything he consumed went rotten. And don’t forget Audrey dressed local.

This Week

This week something is aging men in Haven. The entertaining old brothers from the local newspaper are back. This time they find an aged body in a small sinking boat. Audrey and Nathan take on the case and soon discover the man aged in a few days. Their coroner is quite an entertaining lady; they meet her at the tennis court when an aged man walks in. He is the man Audrey saw the night before at Dukes with a tourist beauty.

They interview Abby the Harbor Master but Nathan seems more interested in her baby. When I say interested I mean he is baby-happy to the amusement of Audrey. This is when I should have started to be suspicious, since nothing just seems to happen in this show.

It is about this time it starts to click for me and Nathan/Audrey. Teasing, banter and bickering makes good chemistry in my book. The Nathan-Audrey-Duke triangle also keeps it interesting and this time Audrey stand up Duke who then falls prey to the common denominator the beautiful but age inducing Helena. Duke is entertaining the day after as he starts to age and it makes Nathan a little bit softer on him. Do you get the feeling they used to be best friends too?

They chase after Abby since she seems to know something about Helena (she has been asking around in the harbor). But Abbey is Helena which Audrey discovers when she recognizes outfits in Abbey’s closet. The nanny lead them to the lighthouse where Abbey is about to give birth to a third baby, Duke’s baby. We learn the fathers age during the two day pregnancy and they die when Abby holds the baby for the first time. That is just Haven weird.

Audrey first tries to give the baby to Duke hoping it would reverse the effects but he only gets worse. In the end the bureau find an adoption for the kid since Duke would die if he or Abby ever held the kid again. Eighteen years from now a stunning beauty walks into Duke’s bar, is my thought about that.

We learn that Helena works much like lycanthropy. Abby have no control over her so what do they do. Lock her up? No the nanny takes her to the lighthouse every Friday and chains her up. Hope no male decide to hike out to the lighthouse on a Friday night in the future.

Duke gets pretty emotional when Audrey tells him he has a daughter but he clams up when Nathan arrives.

I would say this is one of the best episodes so far. The plot was not as formulaic as earlier episodes and kept me in suspense. But they really need to get some kind of series arch, world building or whatever going because the only people we meet are the ones involved in the case.  Though this time there were some like Nora the bartender that was a distraction from the real perpetrator, I just wonder if we ever see her again?

Things of notice this week

  • The old newspaper guys know something about Audrey’s mother they are not letting on.
  • The thing between Duke and Nathan probably has something to do with a girl they grew up with. (theory)

Next Week

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