Haven 1.06 – Fur [Review]

Last Week

Nathan went baby crazy while one of the town ladies turned sweet Helena on Fridays and hatched a baby on Sundays killing the father of old age at the same time.

This Week

The animals in Haven seem agitated this week and seek revenge on the members of Haven’s Hunt Club. The first victim is killed in his car by a wolf that has broken the rear window to get in. Nathan makes a werewolf joke since there was a full moon the night of the murder but when his father, who is a member of the club proclaim. “That wolf got to be killed”

Before it teaches other wolves to break into cars? Audrey replies

Audrey really makes an impression in the town this episode taking charge and going places. But I think it is when she picks the right bakery and demonstrate her shooting skills to the club members they realize she isn’t a ‘summer person’ any more. Keeping the secrets might also play a part. Becoming a local is still a decade or two away. I think we all have seen places like that and can relate.

The plot is much more unpredictable now and in the latest episodes which is good. The first ones were following the same pattern. Another man is killed inside his garage by another wolf breaking through the window. And they start to have all kinds of interesting theories and suspects. An animal rights activist who catches Nathan’s interests might be a witch or an ‘animal whisperer’. I was very surprised when they were attacked in the woods by an elk and we see the stuffing come out. Now they are on the track of the real reason. Stuffed animals come alive and seek revenge on their killers. It takes them a while to find the guy doing the stuffing but there is when another surprise twists lands. He is also stuffed. He died of smoke poisoning in a fire and his mother stuffed him. He had been using some rags of cloth from her when doing the stuffing. She sacrifices herself for her son when the whole trophy room at the Club comes to life.

The guy is having this whole am I human thing while his kid play nearby. I would definitely freak out if I found out I was stuffed, it could explain my expanded waist though. Nathan talks him down by showing that he is not alone being different.

Audrey really shines she comes across strong, charming and capable. Nathan is still the silent mysterious one but their chemistry is unmistakable. Duke is not in this episode which is a pity. Haven has clicked for me, I am really looking forward to it every week. The only thing lacking from the show now is some development in big arc promised in the pilot, the mystery behind Audrey’s mom and Haven.

Next Week

Haven 1.07 – Sketchy (Syfy)
A bent and broken body is discovered, kicking off inexplicable events that may be linked to a troubled person who can hurt people from afar.

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