Haven 1.07 – Sketchy [TV Review]

Last Week

Fur was the attack of the stuffed animals, Nathan meets a witch and Audrey is not a summer person any more.

This Week

This episode had some good character development. There seems to be some romantic relationships being formed also, at least one of them without conflict, although the amusement factor is high. I enjoy triangle dramas as much as the other guy but it feels a bit over used on TV at the moment.

There is a  scene in the beginning where Nathan is being invited to dinner by Jess and he is totally clueless, that was hilarious but the whole episode has a lot of humor. Audrey teases him relentlessly about it on the case, and she is funny. What makes or breaks a show are the characters and Haven has some good ones.

The plot is a bit more sinister this time around. Someone is using a power that can bend and fold people for their own business. They even threaten the town. There is the usual detective work and the twists surprise and we are kept in suspense until the end. I really enjoyed Audrey and Nathan’s dialogs and how they come up with their theories this episode.

Duke and Nathan continues their bitter but entertaining banter but I thing Audrey might be coming down with a bad-boy crush. But that is okay Duke and Audrey are the most interesting characters so far in the show and the more we get to see them the better in my opinion.

On the trivia side there are some Stephen King references in this episode. The lookout point is named King’s point and the idea for this week’s power comes from The Dark Tower, book seven in the series with the same name, where it is used to defeat the Crimson King. Did you find any more?

The big mystery moves forward in baby steps. Eleanor is sailing up as Audrey’s mentor and is it only I that get a Warehouse 13 vibe when Eleanor agrees to protect the ‘artifacts’? This show has found its footing and I am looking forward to next week’s episode.

Next Week

Haven 1.08 – Ain’t No Sunshine (syfy)

A local ghost story may be more than it seems as patients at a Haven clinic speak of a dark spirit that claims the lives of sick people before their time.

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