Hell Ship by Philip Palmer Cover Art & Blurb [Books for 2011]

I am taking a look at the releases for next year in preparation for my pick for 2011 to be published later. You will see more posts now and then up to when I publish the list.

Philip Palmer is new to me but I have been circling his work a while and now seemed a good time to strike. This is his book for next year. Orbit is remaking his other works so that the covers match. I am seriously contemplating all four of them but this one may make my pick for next year. I have to read one of his earlier ones to decide.

Title: Hell Ship
Author: Philip Palmer
Genre: Space Opera
Paperback: 460 pages
Publisher: Orbit (July 1 (US) July 7 (UK), 2011)

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A starship travels through space carrying thousands of slaves. Each slave saw their homes, their families, and their entire world crushed by the awesome power of their new masters. And each and every one of them hungers for revenge.

Now, another planet burns and their greatest hero is defeated, captured, and enslaved. Sharrok swears he will have his vengeance. No matter the cost to himself. No matter he threatens the fragile peace between the war-like slaves. No matter that his captors are possessed of technological powers so advanced, they seem like magic.

There is another hope. One man, once a peaceful Trader, pursues the ship for its crimes. Battle after battle has left Jak scarred and broken and bit by bit he has surrendered his humanity to his pursuit. Now, Jack is no more than a mind in the body of a starship.

Together, one working from within, the other from without, there is, just possibly, a way to end this long, interstellar nightmare.