High Lord by Trudi Canovan (The Black Magician 3)

The final book in the trilogy.

Sonea finally have the respect of her fellows. but her life is not great, she still doesn’t trust the Akkarin, the high lord and his practice of black magic.

In the slums the series of murders continue and Ceryin Sonea’s old friend, who now has a powerful position with the Thieves, are in secret hunting the murderers. His secret is not secret though. He is approached by an attractive and leathal woman called Savara, who offers to help him.

The murders are beeing made by slaves sent out by the Ichani.

Sonea slowly learns more of the High Lords secrets and come to understand that he is the only one standing between her city and invasion. She starts to learn Black magic on her own request to help him in the fight.

Meanwhile a new killer arrive in town, this is a much more powerfull one, a female Ichani. Akkarin confronts her and he and Sonea succeds in defeating her. But unknown to them she has set up Akkarin for the massacre of a magician and his family in the city. Their secret of black magic is discovered and they are sentenced to exile. Sonea elects to go with Akkarin into exile. 

The Invasion is imminent as Sonea and Akkarin travel into the land of their enemies. They just have time to discover they love each other before they have to return when the Ichani invade.

They decide to return in secret and fight the Ichani with the help of the Thives and the ‘dwells’.

After an epic fight Akkarin and Sonea face the last remaining Ichani at the school. They succed in defeting them but not before Akkarin has sacrifaced himself.

Good series, I am looking forward to read more by Trudi Canovan.