Homeland Security develops Tricorder

Science Fiction ideas from Gene Roddenberry becomes reality?

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US are developing a Tricorder like device that can monitor a person’s medical condition from 10 meters away according to the Registry.

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Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS’s) Science and Technology Directorate intents to start testing the notebook like device with US paramedics this autumn.

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It’s not as advanced as the Star Trek tricorder though, it can’t diagnose unknown diseases and such. But it will use laser Doppler vibrometry and a camera to measure pulse, body temperature and muscle movement such as breathing.

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The boys and girls at DHS’s S&T seem to be in to all kind of science fiction stuff. They are also developing a Puke Ray (Really?) and a Handheld Lobster X-Ray scanner (who name these things?)

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Related to this is Future Trek-nology we can live withouton AMC written by author John Scalizi and To Boldly go on Waiter Rant.

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Personally i wouldn’t mind faster than light travel and flying cars. But are society ready?

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What do you think?

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