Human Target episode 2 (New TV Show)

High speed action on a runaway Jumbo jet for Chance and Winston as they protect a hacker with a key to everything.

It’s a high tension setting, the plane is on fire,both pilots are down, Chance and a beautiful flight attendant  are alone in the cockpit and Winston is fighting a man with a gun in the aft compartment. And that’s just the opening scene.

Human Target is mostly succeeding in the action part, even if it borders on trying too much. I am not as confident on the report between Chance and Winston though. I  think they are supposed to be old friends bickering each other, but it comes, at least for me, across as a bit weak and unbelievable.

Guerrero is supposed to be this hard ass I-know-where-you-live hacker. At least that’s what I assume, I haven’t read the comics. I enjoyed him immensely in the pilot, not so much this episode. He has great potential for an awesome sidekick.

Now it might sound like I didn’t like this episode so much, but I did and  I am looking forward to next weeks episode.