Human Target (New TV show)

High speed  action with Mark Valley (from Fringe and Boston Legal) as Christopher Chance the human target, a body guard who’s goes that extra little mile to protect his client. Extra and little was irony. Chance is portraited as a thrill seeker but Mark doesn’t pull it  off completly there.

The action kicks off with a man in a bomb-vest hostage situation. A disgrunted ex employee wants revenge on his boss, and chance recklessly switches place with the boss when the bomber looks away. It ends with an explosion.

Next scene is of Karma his charming dog and Winston Chance’s worried helper. Is Chance loosing it?

Their next client is a woman in charge of building America’s new 80 billion dollar high-speed train between San Fransisco and Los Angeles. It will travel at speeds over 200 mph. Taking a trip in that, seals the deal for Chance. She has found explosives on her car.

Chance goes undercover as her new translator, she has japanese backers, and Chance speaks japanese apparently.

Chance brings in Guerrero over Winston’s objections. He is a new kind of computer savvy I’ll kick your butt if you mess with me hacker. He and Winston research the background while Chance struggles with keeping his client alive  on the train. A runaway train with technical problems and a killer on the loose.

Good action scenes, like the characters, lots of explosions, actors are good, banter is good and there are some mysteries there. It’s an all male cast, which is a minus in my book. Rumor says the clients will all be gorgeous women, but I have been tricked before.

Human Target will air Wednesdays. The show has promise, but I want to watch at least three episodes before saying it.