Human Target Renewed!

According to Ausiello Files Human Target has been renewed for a second season with an order of 13 episodes.

I am happy since Human Target is a favorite show. Chance and co will be back!

Christopher Chance is the adrenaline-crazy bodyguard lead of Human Target, played by Mark Walley. I have fond memories of Mark from Boston Legal, there he was a kick ass lawyer who liked to get physical, I also liked him in Fringe season one as Olivia’s dead colleague-traitor-fiancée. Chance is an action junkie with curious powers. He appears to be able to pull almost any skill or knowledge out of his mind at any time he have the need too. One of the hooks on the show is Chances mysterious pasts. We get to know bits every other episode. Especially the season finale.

Guerro is played by Jackie Earle Haley. He  is new to me. He plays a shady kick-ass information broker with awesome hacker skills and underground contacts of everlasting quantity. He is also very protective of Chase, he would and have killed to protect Chase’s secrets. But he also have secrets himself that he would do almost anything to protect. He is an interesting character, but he don’t get so much time in each episode. I would like to see more of him.

Winston played by Chi McBride. He seems to land grumpy roles all the time, he was grumpy in Boston Public and in Pushing Daisies. Here he is …  grumpy. He is the guy who tries to keep some semblance of sanity  in their business.

Winston and Guerro run the back research Chance needs. While Chance does the action parts as long as it is thrilling enough.

This is very much a show that caters to men, with the action and explosions and the recurring gorgeous damsels in distress that without failure falls for Chance’s James Bondish allure in the end.

It is a solid action series that keeps on growing on you, and there is a path open for more greatness, lets see if they take it. Some multi episode arcs, more of Chance’s secrets, more Guerro, keep the Damsels in Distress coming and you have me sold on next season too.