Human Target Season 2 Premiere [TV Review]

The manly Human Target show is back with shocking result. The world is going under! Two, I say Two stunning females are allowed to join the casts as full members of the team. One even claims to be the new boss. That can’t be good!

It is, good that is. The humor is there, Chance recklessness and utter abandonment of all pre planning is there, Winston’s and Guerero is there…

The one liners are there …

And Long legs stepping out of a chopper like she owns the world is there, so is Miss Winston-gave-me-another-chance professional thief is there.

There are the usual shenanigans with assassination attempts and an elaborate plot to lift a few billion dollars from the poor long legged widow.

It is good to have some reliable uncomplicated fun to watch again.

The opening episode was great but I am not sure they should have changed the office windows like they did. Chance should have a say in that at least.

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