In the Stormy Red Sky (RNC 7) by David Drake

In the 7th book in the Royal Cinnabar Navy series Captain Daniel Leary and the formidable Adele Mundy are back.

This time they are to bring Daniels new command the heavy cruiser RCS Milton on a diplomatic mission to Karst in the Veil Cluster. They are escorting Senator Forbes. The mission is to impress on the new ruler the importance to continue Karstfriendship with Cinnabar.

To no surprise to those that read the previous books in this series this won’t be accomplished without a fight.

The RCN forces defending the Veil cluster have been defeated in an ambush and the few survivors are under siege on Cacique. A superior Alliance battle group out of Bolton(the Major Alliance Base in a nearby Cluster) have crushed all resistance and now control the Veil.

Except a lone Heavy Cruiser, Daniel and Adele.

They have to liberate a world of slaves, and the forces that where illegally sent there to quell the slave uprising to get the army they need to defeat the Alliance.

In this episode of the RCN you get to see Adele shine, the ending is superb. I got tears in my eyes as I read it, that’s how proud I was :-)