Infoquake by David Louis Edelman (Jump 225 1)

Life in the fiefcorps is rough, working for a pittance and a big cash in after the contract ends. Jara only have 11 months left but she works for Natch, so she still considers quiting, especially after being forced to stay awake for days before a launch of a new program. Jara is the hidden protagonist in this book. She grows most of all the characters.

As the tale take off she, the programmer Horvil and Natch is the whole corporation. They launch a dirty campaign about black-code terrorism, by spreading rumors of attacks, to scare people and especially their competition, so that they postpone their releases a day. Nach gets what he wants and they become market leader for a few hours.

Natch is a charming, driven entrepreneur, he is also the protagonist. He is good at getting enemies, rising to the top through sheer brilliance and panache.

The Society in this tale is formed by what happened at the Autonomous revolt, when the AI revolted and killed off a few billion people. Humanity won but thinking machines are forbidden, at the beginning even simple computers where shunned, until Surina presented bio/logic, that keeps the technology inside the human body. It sets the government on hard quality control. Every program has to pass Plugenpatch tests to be allowed on the net. A normal person has thousand of programs enhancing their bodily functions.

Len Borda is the head of the Defence and Wellness Council. He seems bent on grabbing all the power he can.

Margaret Surina (of that Surina clan that gave the world bio/logic) has been working for 16 years on a new technology, MultiReal. Now Len Borda forces her to reveal it or he will have her prosecuted and probably killed. She makes a deal with Natch to license it. To be able to finance it Natch have to make a deal with the devil, getting finance from his old-hive-mate-now-enemy Brone after everything else fails.

At the presentation of MultiReal there is a disturbance on the net with many casualties, an Infoquake.

Natch soon learns that Margaret also made a limited licensing deal with his worst competitor and that they will do a presention in three days. They have had months. Now Natch has to present his own before they do. In three days.

Trivia: The Surina clan has a creed: Anything worth doing is worth perfecting. That is really ironic in a world of just good enough.

This is a really good first Novel by David Louis Edelman. The world building is realistic. The characters are not black and white and they grow. It is a great story it should get a price or something.

A product is much more than just making it. It’s nice to see it depicted. Davids experience in the business shows.