Intrepid by Mike Shepherd (Kris Longknife 6)

After reading Undaunted I got an urge to reread Intrepid. I thought it came out this summer, but it was the summer of 2008 it did.

Kris is heading out into the Rim on the starship Waspto explore and hunt down pirates. Masquerading as a merchant ship they happen on a pirate. They capture the ship after a short battle. After returning their prisoners for trial, they happen on a colonist trying to get home. So they decide to head that way. First they stop at Xanadu, the next planet before Panda. Xanadu is govern by a religious cult hiding from what they believe is an unavoidable alien invasion. They also keep their people drugged and obedient. After slapping the Elders on their fingers they head off to Panda only to find Kris first captain, Thorpe there with two ships in orbit. There is a filibuster operation going there. A bunch of Mercenaries, the majority of them are religious fanatics from New Jerusalem, have taken over the planet.

The rest is again an entertaining rumble with our favorite princess.

After the rumble they return via Xanadu only to discover a plot to start a war between Peterwald and United Setiends with foreseeable consequences.

Ta ta, brilliant. I can’t wait on the next novel.

The next Kris Longknife novel to be out in 2010 will be Superb Redoubtable and the 2011 one is Daring according to (See New Releases)