Intresting TV this fall


  • Boldly going Nowhere (FOX) Scifi comedy
  • Captain Cook’s Extraordinary Atlas (ABC) A 13 year old girl named Gwen discover a magical atlas to a fantastical world.
  • Day One (NBC) Life after a ‘world event’ destroys most of earth’s infrastructure. Ordered in May
  • Defying Gravity (FOX) 8 astronauts living on an international spacecraft while the world watches. Oh No a scripted reality series in space! Canceled after 8 episodes?
  • Eastwick (ABC) A TV take of The Witches of Eastwick. Sexy witches living with the devil? Ordered 18th of May Edit: Canceled in 2009 before it finished
  • Flash forward (ABC) For 2 minutes and 17 seconds the worlds population blacks out and have strange visions about their future. A FBI agent tries to find the truth. Sounds interesting but doesen’t sound mainstream.Ordered 18th of May
  • Human Target (CW) Dude hire himself out as a target to threatened people. Ordered 13th of May
  • Masterwork (CW) MI5 agent and FBI agent travel the world retrieving artifacts. Edit
  • V (ABC) Remember the old mice eating lizards? they are back! Hope they do it with more humor this time around. Iffy if its a hit.Ordered 18th of May
  • Vampire diaries (CW) High school girl falls from 200 year old vampire. Is this a Twilight wannabe? It has potential.Ordered in May

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