Is your favorite series getting bogged down in details?

I have noticed that more and more of my favorite series are getting bogged down in details and that the story progression takes the backseat to extensive details in in-dept description of routine activities, politics, technologies, side plots, scenery or such.

It is understandable that a literary world gets more vivid in the mind of the author as a series progress making it harder to avoid going into the details.

I love ambiance and world building as much as the next person but when the story progression slows down so that a story line fit for a book stretch over two or more books it makes me feel cheated.

Pacing in a series is as important as the pacing in a book. I wish authors spent more on this. A long series is an investment by the reader where you have expectations of consistency.

I don’t doubt some of this is for milking sales on a successful series, but what happens when readers get fed up?

Examples of this could be books after books fighting battles to get to the temple(Safehold)., filler adventures on different planets while the cliffhanger remains unresolved for a couple of books(Longknife), diving into BuPers (HR of the military) details while leaving off the great battle everyone is moving towards (Wandering Engineer).

Do you have similar experiences?