Jaine Fenn (Author)

Jaine Fenn Photo credit James Cooke
Photo credit: James Cooke

Jaine Fenn is a new rising British science fiction writer. One raiding-London-bookshops summer day in 2009 a beautiful book cover with the intriguing title Principles of Angles caught my eye, after reading the back I bought it and it’s sequel. And I love both, Jaine writes wonderful books. Her world-building and characterization is lifelike, different and a joy to read. I see the protagonists in her novels grow and become more, much more than they were before.


The Hidden Empire (The Sidhe)

Each novel in the Hidden Empire series is self-contained, though certain locations and characters re-occur, and the books come together to tell a larger story.

  1. Principles of Angels
  2. Consorts of Heaven
  3. Guardians of Paradise (2010)
  4. Bringer of Light (2011)
  5. Queen of Nowhere (2012)

New Novels

She also have a new currently (December 2009) unsold book Epihany Night set in the middle of this century in western civilisations hangover from  excessive consumption. It is according to Jaine’s blog

A SF mystery which deals with an extraordinary and unexpected event, that changes the lives of two very different women, who are both driven to uncover crimes long forgotten.