Last of the Wild by Trudi Canavan (Age of the Five 2)

This is the second book in the Age of The Five trilogy. It’s the aftermath of the big battle where Auraya killed the Pentadian leader. Auraya is haunted by memories of everyone that died in the battle. Dreamweavers and Circlians taking care of the wounded after the battle and the superior skills of the Dreamweavers leads to a better understanding between them. A Hospite is founded in the capital where Priest and Dreamweavers can learn from each other.

Aurayas former lover Leiard disappears after the battle. The highest skills of the dreamweaver is mind linking, and in doing so one picks up memories from other dreamweavers, even from long dead ones. Leiard is distressed by the memories of Mirar he has. The imortal Emerahl takes him from the battle field. To hide him from the gods she takes him to a magic-empty zone in Si. The gods are beings of magic and they can’t see into a a zone that is empty of magic. There she teaches him to shield his mind and help him find his true identity.

The Pentadians select a new First Voice, Nekaun after Auraya killed the last one. They have not given up the fight. They just choose a different tactics, Subterfuge. They fake a shipwreck to strand their spies in one country. Send a merchant to another. 

We get to follow a Pentadian Thinker, Reivan, who become Servant (priestess) and eventually Companion to the 2nd voice.

We also follow The Sea peoples princess Imi. As she sets out on a foolhardy quest for a present for her father the king.

Auraya returns to the Siyee as they fight heartburn, a land-walker disease they have no resistance to. There she meet her former lover again.

Meanwhile Emerahl set outs to find the last of the immortals.

This is a good second volume, the story progress and Trudi builds the world further.