Lazy Book Thoughts …

I spent most of the day relaxing with the Hunger Game Trilogy and the afternoon looking at the forecast for next year.

There have been some changes since last time; some of the releases have been moved forward like Transmission by John Meaney. That is disappointing since I would really like to read Ragnarok book two as soon as possible. Absorption made a deep impression on me and Transmission will probably be among my pick for next year.

I learned that David Weber has begun writing on Safehold volume five now in October. This is one of David’s later series about humanity hiding from extinction on a secret colony and their leaders set them self up as angels and plunge the rest into the middle ages. The first uprising where quelled with orbital strikes and 800 years later Niume Alban wake up. Her task is to bring civilization back to humanity. The latest book A Mighty Fortress gave some easing but there is a big battle brewing. David is a fast writer so I expect it to be turned in to Tor early 2011 and to be released about a year later. If we are lucky it will be out in late 2011 but I don’t expect it will. There is a Honorverse anthology in February to tide us over.

Jaine Fenn’s fourth Hidden Empire book has gotten a new shiny cover. They have added a ship moving away from danger. Bringer of Light is already one of my favorites for next summer.

Dan Abnett’s Embedded has gotten a cover. I have never read anything about him before but this story about a chip embedded journalist taking over a soldier to move out of the combat zone struck a chord in me. The cover art has been seen before but this one looks official.

Julia E. Czerneda has started to write on a new Clan trilogy, The Reunification Cycle according to her homepage. If we are lucky it will be out late in 2011. It will cover the origin history of the Clan. That was good news.

Another piece of good news is that Darkship Thieves will get a follow up in 2011. Sarah A. Hoyt just announced a contract for Darkship Renegades. That is happy news for me, the first book remembers of classic science fiction by Heinlein.

A comment also told me that the Kollin brother’s The Unincorporated Woman will be along next summer. I am reading The Unincorporated War at the moment and it is almost as enjoyable as the first book.

Oh, and Ian Douglas’ Star Carrier: Center of Gravity has gotten a cover. A small one so far, I will try to find a bigger one. The first book was entertaining and I expect this one to be the same.

I also learned that the third Traitor Spy book by Trudi Canavan will be named The Traitor Queen. Trudi expect to start to write it October 2010. It is not expected until 2012 though. The second book The Rogue comes along in May next year.

I think that is all for this time.